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6 Easy Ways to Add Pattern and Color to Your Home



Following are the 6 ways to add patterns and colours to your home.

1. Let the floor speak

 Adding colour or patterns on the floor is a great approach to design your home with. You can use best porcelain tiles as a base but you can also use the porcelain tiles with different patterns to make the floor look pretty and stand out. It will surely be a different approach of you add patterns in flooring and keep the furniture and other accessories simple with a slight touch of the same pattern.


2. Select the pattern

Patterns are in trend these days. You cannot only use them in the curtains and accessories but also in flooring. There are many patterns which are in trend these days, geometric patterns being at the top. But you can always use your preferred patterns based on your unique preferences. Selecting the right colour for that particular pattern is also an important thing you need to do.


3. Select the colour

Selecting the colour is an important thing highly depend on the liking and disliking of the taste of the individual or the owner of the place. Therefore you must need to select it on your own. Although, personal preference is important it is also important that you consider the area of your home. For example, if you have a smaller area and you do not have a natural source of lighting like big windows then you should not select darker colour theme because it will make your room dark and you will have to spend a lot of money on lighting.


4. Bold statement pieces

If you are designing everything in a good and simpler way. Then you can always add colours with the help of bold statement pieces. Like a big colourful painting on the main wall, which will surely be a statement piece. You can not only use the painting but also decide other ways like different colourful cushions etc. to make the look stand out.


5. Evergreen Colors

There are some neutral colours which are evergreen and give a beautiful minimalistic look when not mixed with vibrant colours. It goes well when used simply. And when you mix them up with the vibrant and bold colours then it does not only become a good combination but also changes into a new colourful look. These colours are chocolate browns, greys, white, and pale blue.


6. Accessorize it

Sometimes the trends are not used to stay for a longer period of time. Therefore all your efforts which you make to have an updated home style goes to waste. And the amount you spend also does not become useful for a longer period. As we all know that the trends are continuously going to change. Therefore, it would be a good approach to make decisions effectively. If you want to add colours and patterns because of the trends then use it in covers of cushions as those things can be changed easily.


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